Video editing with Videolean

Check for more info.


Thanks to the team of Videolean, you can access their service for free during the event.

Documentation guidelines (docs, images, videos…) using Google Drive

In order to document your solution, the team needs to:

  1. Login to Google Drive
  2. Create a “CH-NameOfTheTeam” folder
  3. Structure of the folder:
    • Subfolder 1: Docs
    • Subfolder 2: Photos & images
    • Subfolder 3: Videos
  4. Share this folder with


GitHub is a web-based hosting service for software development projects that use the Git revision control system.

For this event, we’ve created a h4sb organization profile, which will host the challenge repos.

  1. Sign up for GitHub:
  2. Installation and set up:
  3. Create a new repo:
  4. Let us know in the challenge tab.
  5. Start coding!